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At LunarEx, we bring relevant AR learning material to all students through powerful storytelling and engaging learning experiences!

We want to bridge the gap that exists between costly technology and an engaging educational experience.

What if you could learn about the universe and hold a planet in the palm of your hand?

How about exploring pre-historic times and having dinosaurs right there at your finger tips?

We’re not talking about some plastic model…we’re talking about bringing planets down from the sky and dinosaurs back from the past! You can hold them, as if you’re looking at the real, high-definition thing.

Is this futuristic tech?

This is Augmented Reality (AR) and it’s what makes this possible. We’re able to merge the real world with the virtual world by using the cameras in smartphones and tablets to layer information over the image you’re seeing.

You know your kids’ obsession with those silly SnapChat filters – the puppy faces and rainbows? That’s AR! The PokemonGo craze? That’s AR!

What if you could bring that same obsession to classroom material?

We believe resources that can capture a student’s attention are the key to successful retainment of the course material. However, we are fully aware of the budgets that constrain many schools and students.

By using augmented reality, in place of virtual reality, you can effectively establish the same interest with minimal cost since almost everyone has access to a smartphone or tablet device!


Emotion and experience facilitate faster learning!

Neural networks build a longer lasting memory (LTM) during emotionally involved experiences.

Published medical research has proven that emotion and experience facilitates encoding and helps retrieval of information efficiently due to the neural networks involved when emotion and experience are present in comparison to a neutral environment.

Emotions activate the prefrontal cortex, which promote the establishment of long term memory (Tyng, Chai M et al.).

Our AR provides excitement and curiosity, activating the networks involved in creating these long term memories.

Use What You Already Have

Using AR in place of VR reduces cost outlay of additional devices. Utilizing myARgalaxy is an affordable alternative to clunky plastic models and boring paper content.

While Virtual Reality (VR) completely transposes the user to another dimension using goggles or visors (and completely blocking out the surrounding environment), Augmented Reality (AR) simply enhances the current environment using devices that are already at the user’s disposal.

It all boils down to cost and accessibility: AR is more affordable and accessible to the everyday user. This makes it more attractive to marketing, educational, gaming, healthcare, and medical industries (just to name a few).

It can be used to bring marketing campaigns alive, engage audiences at live events, improve training and safety in work environments, use as training in surgery and medical applications, onboarding and practicing customer service, and of course, to engage students in the classroom with technology they already use recreationally.

Accessible & Affordable

As long as you have an Android or iOS device, you’ve got the solar system and dinosaurs at your fingertips…in stunning virtual detail!

These immersive, interactive experiences allow students to connect to subject matter faster than simply reading theory. As we already know, a phone app or game is exponentially more interesting to preteens/teens than most textbooks.

To receive more information about our educational discounts or to place an order for “myARgalaxy Solar System” or “myARgalaxy Dinosaurs” cards, please contact us at: [email protected]

We look forward to working with you!

Customized App
Creation Available!

Whether you are a small non-profit organization or an established institution, we can turn your attractions and exhibits into interactive and engaging experiences. Let us help you connect with participants at a level most organizations only dream of!

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